The Power of Make-Up

26 10 2010

Also the horror of make-ups, for men. haha. That’s why I more prefer natural beauty.
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Tips to Grow BIG

26 10 2010

Haha, I know, I know this post seems weird and also dirty, but what the heck right? I’ve found this article about a new found ways to increase female cup sizes. Yeap, that means getting them bigger!

If this really works then this is by far the safest, cheapest way to enlarge your breasts!  Just in case you haven’t heard, there is a ringtone created by a cognative scientist Hideto Tomabechi that can grow breasts just by listening to it.
The ringtone is called “Rockmelon”.  A woman listens to the 30sec ringtone 20 times a day for 10 consecutive days & this will supposedly grow your breasts by like an inch.
The idea behind this ringtone is a subliminal baby crying although you won’t hear the actual baby noises but the brain will interpret the sound as a baby crying. 

Source : hipgirlie
Download ringtone? rockmelon