Tumblrolls By Me

22 10 2010

Nowadays I have been addicted with a new kind of blogging, it’s Tumblr. If you already familiar with Twitter and blogging, this tumblelog combines both, easy to track fellow bloggers and communicate between tumbles. Plus the interface is quite easy to use and user-friendly.
So why don’t you follow me and enjoy the world of thumblogging. Hoever I still kept my updates here. Most of the updates on my tumblelog is constisted of romatic things and words.

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also I relocated my photo site to tumblr as well.

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29 08 2010

When talk about first impression, people talk about their appearance, a scary appearance often shows that the person is bad, a wrongdoer. But does this necessarily be true? The fact that a bad face doesn’t necessarily mean the person is bad.

Video thanks to Tubelawak for the first impression.


24 08 2010

This post is dedicated to my dad, it’s an old post from my old blog, but hey, I would like to give appreciations to my dad.

I remember how u used to cook foods for us,
I miss the ayam kurma u always made.

I miss the times I kiss your hand before I go to school,
even ur hand was big, with bruises everywhere.

I miss the time we go out together in your red iswara car,
even your legs were in pain pressing the pedals.

I remember when I made wrong things in school, and you need to see the teachers,
but you don’t scold me, but advise like an adult.

I miss going shopping with you,
when we buy groceries together.

I remember your snores, fills up the night sky,
but your face was so calm as if nothing disturb you.

I remember sending you to KLIA, watching u fly to Langkawi,
as you do your job, for our sake.

I remeber how you always came home every month,
and we enjoy the days together.

I miss your voice,
I miss your laugh.

I remember visiting you at the hospital,
I spoonfed you and you looked up like you saw an angel,
It’s mom was it? Yes, she’s been there too dad…

I remember leaving to say goodbye to you for the last time,
I didn’t know back then, but you looked so sad and pale.

I remember receiving a call telling me that your in a critical state,
U lie there with all the machines helping your lungs to breathe and your heart to beat…

I was told by doctor that you are gone,
I still remember I was been given the option to end your heartbeat,
I know you are not there anymore dad, the machine is the one breathe it…

I still remember the doctor turn off the machine and bring you to the ward,
I still remember looking at you in tears as I heard the beep goes faster till it end up

I couldn’t stop my tears, dad…
I still remember closing your eyes and kiss your forehead for the last time.
and my heart starts racing and went outside to cry…. I cried out loud… really loud…

4134, I’ll visit this place often…
I will still remember our memories…
I will still remember to visit u everytime…
This coming Ramadhan, I’ll pray for your peace.
May you rest in peace,

2nd Ramadhan

12 08 2010

Haha 2nd Ramadhan is over already and today I get to taste my current favourite drink, kedondong with plum juice. Dunno why but this drink is quite popular lately since some of the restaurants and even stalls are selling it compare to last year. Well the taste is like the late P. Ramlee’s movie, “masam masam manis”. haha. But somehow today has been a really long day compared yesterday, I wonder why. With my final year report still needed approval that I still didn’t manage to see my supervisor yet despite going up and down the office several times. Where are u??

1st Ramadhan

11 08 2010

Haha, looks like 1st Ramadhan goes quite slow and unproductive. I’ve been secluded in my room whole day online and doing web socialising. Until I realised OMG its already 7. Haha there no more time for foodshopping. I just grab the keys and went to the nearby mamak store for the old classical maggi goreng and iced milo. Then just went back for rest before going for a short terawikh. Hurm, I didn’t decide yet what to eat for sahur tomorrow. Probably gonna went out for a food hunt after this. U r right folks, its gonna be a food month. haha

Salam Ramadhan

11 08 2010

Ramadhan came again, and its time for gastric and stomachaches again. haha. Well I was thinking of making a ramadhan diary for these 30days. So alot of food pictures gonna come up! Don’t read it on daylight. haha. Alas, for all my muslim brothers and sisters, lets make this ramadhan a meaningful ramadhan. Insyaallah~

My First Time Seeing The Unknown

9 08 2010

Guess I started of my story with an experience from me myself. Not taken from anyone.

I could not think n sleep until I told this story, a story happened months ago on this year.

It was 4am I think when I was on my way back home from a birthday party with my friend. I was driving while cruising at a normal rate of 80kmh average.
Then when I was on the KESAS-federal intersection after MRR2, I take a left exit to Seremban. my dear friend was sleeping at the back seats since she was tired, thus I was driving alone.

I dunno if the exit is deserted or not much used nor dangerous. But as I enter the corner i saw something strange, its like a white cloth standing between the trees, my adrenaline rushes as I approaches it closer.

The cloth was so white as if it was just bought, the top of it is tied into a knot like candy, then at the quarter of length there’s also a knot tied that made it look like a head, I swear I looked like something I usually saw and heard on TV and movies. but the bottom part is not tied. My heart began trembling, my eyes looked straight to it.

Then as I was as close as a meter to it, the thing bended and jump. Subhanallah, I shocked…..
I froze, but manage to gain strength to drive as my heart was racing. Then after what I remember is that i was screaming like hell. I screams my lungs out. My friend woke up and asked me why. As I was driving into the intersection into the palace of golden horses’ roundabout, I took a breath, my throat was irritated to the scream, I gulped and said I saw the thing. She was also shocked, she whispered Subhanalah, Allahuakbar and every other dziqir. I could just silenced…. I asked her to read Qursi, I could not do it, I was trembling as I was also driving.

We just continue until we reached a mamak stall and stopped, we needed some company. until the day breaks.