The Vacuum Cleaner

10 11 2010

Introducing Chapparal 2J, the racing car nicknamed The Vacuum Cleaner. Why is it called that way? With its boxy back and enclosed rear tyre, it looks more like a spaceship than a car.
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One thing that separates 2J than any other racecars is not just its shape. Its the secret lies within the shape. Chapparal 2J has 2 engines. Why need 2? Well the first engine is a 700horsepower engine that driven the car to move. Another engine is a 45hp snowmobile engine use solely purpose to drive out 2 large fans on the back of the car to suck out the air inside the boxy body, creating a vacuum that sucks out ground and giving extraordinary down-force. Crazy huh?
The 2J competed in the CanAm series and often qualified at least 2 seconds quicker than the next fastest car, but was not a success because it was plagued with mechanical problems. It ran for only one racing season in 1970 after which it was outlawed by the SCCA (even though it was approved by the SCCA prior to the car’s first race). The SCCA succumbed to pressure from other teams, McLaren in particular, who argued that the fans constituted ‘movable aerodynamic devices’ which were outlawed by the international sanctioning body FIA (which was first applied against the 2E’s adjustable-wing). There were also complaints from other drivers saying that whenever they drove behind it the fans would throw stones at their cars. McLaren argued that if the 2J was not outlawed, it would likely kill the CanAm series by totally dominating it – ironically, something McLaren had been doing for years. A similar suction fan was used in Formula 1 eight years later for the 1978 Swedish Grand Prix, by the Brabham BT46B but was banned soon after.
Now that a true road cleaner!
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Parking Bertingkat

9 11 2010
Bila beli rumah teres, satu masalah yang korang mesti pening nak fikir mesti parking kalau korang ada banyak kereta. Kan best kalau ada parking bertingkat mcm ni, jimat ruang dan jiran-jiran pun tak marah korang parking dekat runag kawasan dia, haha.
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Kalau ini macam pencuri pun tak boleh nak curi kereta korang, parking bawah tanah. Haha, hujan pun selamat.

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25 10 2010

After years of collaboration with Lotus and born with it’s own models, Proton find it’s u-turn and remodel mitsubishi cars like before. Now was it a side-effect of the quarrel between Proton and Lotus? I wonder. However Proton now came up with it’s Waja replacement model which is Inspira (more like Lancer replacement model, i think). I’m sure a lot of Lancer owners will be in a butt-hurt. Not only it looked the same, it also has the same engine and interiors.
Now came rumors of R3 division of Proton to produce a 4WD Turbocharged car which will be called Inspira-X. Ironically Lancer has that same car called Evo-X. So is Inspira-X is somewhat a rebadge of Evo-X?

New Proton Waja GT

27 09 2010

A glimpse at the new Proton Waja GT, kinda looks like Mistubishi Lancer GT right? haha. Looks like all the GT users gonna be pissed and felt downgraded by this. Everyone can have an Evo now~ converto-

Fly With The Roaring Thunders

30 08 2010

A couple of weekends ago I was bored and got nothing to do, so grab my car keys and join up the mountain climb or in this underground world people call Touge. There were about 29cars on board to join this night and boy was that a really large number, kinda sound like we were going for a wedding reception.
So the road we took was uphill through the batangkali road up until genting skyway station where we take a rest and downhill through the genting sempah old road(notice its not the highway) until UIA Gombak.
The weather was fine and its a great day for a full blast as Im phobia on driving in rain.
However accidents do happen when we do least expected, a friend of ours crashed into a drain near to the starting point and was forced to retire as well as half of the entire group to assist.
So we arrived at genting skyway and rest a while, chatting, and sahur at the near mamak corner.
Then we took the downhill route and stop by a malay restaurant for a final sahur until the dawn breaks and we say our cheerios.

Enjoy the videos prepared by Takashi Fujiwara