Tumblrolls By Me

22 10 2010

Nowadays I have been addicted with a new kind of blogging, it’s Tumblr. If you already familiar with Twitter and blogging, this tumblelog combines both, easy to track fellow bloggers and communicate between tumbles. Plus the interface is quite easy to use and user-friendly.
So why don’t you follow me and enjoy the world of thumblogging. Hoever I still kept my updates here. Most of the updates on my tumblelog is constisted of romatic things and words.

follow me at tumblrollsbyme.tumblr.com
also I relocated my photo site to tumblr as well.

follow it too at huhue.tumblr.com


First posting

9 08 2010

Now that I have access, I could blog again, huhue. Well this is a pretest blog so don’t expect much from me. hehe. I’ll try to update as frequent as i can.