5 Must Have Stairs in your Home

30 10 2010

When you own a house, the only place you would neglect for flourishing is the stairs. Guess what, these are some cool stairs you would want to have in you house. Adding sense of style, comfort, fun and tidiness. haha :p

1. Stairs with Slide

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to just slide down rather to step one by one? haha

2. Minimal Stairs

Adding the sense of style and tidiness to your house. It looked like you didn’t even have stairs!

3. Bookshelf Stairs

You have a lot of books and your shelf just felt boring? Why don’t try this. Not only you can read books, you can even exercise.

4. Spiral Stairs

Ok this should just look typical and oldies for Malaysians, but adding a bit of futuristic feel into it and you have a great spiral stairs in your porch to the balcony.

5. Ribbon Stairs

Kind of artistic for your home isn’t it? but watch your steps!




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