Fly With The Roaring Thunders

30 08 2010

A couple of weekends ago I was bored and got nothing to do, so grab my car keys and join up the mountain climb or in this underground world people call Touge. There were about 29cars on board to join this night and boy was that a really large number, kinda sound like we were going for a wedding reception.
So the road we took was uphill through the batangkali road up until genting skyway station where we take a rest and downhill through the genting sempah old road(notice its not the highway) until UIA Gombak.
The weather was fine and its a great day for a full blast as Im phobia on driving in rain.
However accidents do happen when we do least expected, a friend of ours crashed into a drain near to the starting point and was forced to retire as well as half of the entire group to assist.
So we arrived at genting skyway and rest a while, chatting, and sahur at the near mamak corner.
Then we took the downhill route and stop by a malay restaurant for a final sahur until the dawn breaks and we say our cheerios.

Enjoy the videos prepared by Takashi Fujiwara




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