24 08 2010

This post is dedicated to my dad, it’s an old post from my old blog, but hey, I would like to give appreciations to my dad.

I remember how u used to cook foods for us,
I miss the ayam kurma u always made.

I miss the times I kiss your hand before I go to school,
even ur hand was big, with bruises everywhere.

I miss the time we go out together in your red iswara car,
even your legs were in pain pressing the pedals.

I remember when I made wrong things in school, and you need to see the teachers,
but you don’t scold me, but advise like an adult.

I miss going shopping with you,
when we buy groceries together.

I remember your snores, fills up the night sky,
but your face was so calm as if nothing disturb you.

I remember sending you to KLIA, watching u fly to Langkawi,
as you do your job, for our sake.

I remeber how you always came home every month,
and we enjoy the days together.

I miss your voice,
I miss your laugh.

I remember visiting you at the hospital,
I spoonfed you and you looked up like you saw an angel,
It’s mom was it? Yes, she’s been there too dad…

I remember leaving to say goodbye to you for the last time,
I didn’t know back then, but you looked so sad and pale.

I remember receiving a call telling me that your in a critical state,
U lie there with all the machines helping your lungs to breathe and your heart to beat…

I was told by doctor that you are gone,
I still remember I was been given the option to end your heartbeat,
I know you are not there anymore dad, the machine is the one breathe it…

I still remember the doctor turn off the machine and bring you to the ward,
I still remember looking at you in tears as I heard the beep goes faster till it end up

I couldn’t stop my tears, dad…
I still remember closing your eyes and kiss your forehead for the last time.
and my heart starts racing and went outside to cry…. I cried out loud… really loud…

4134, I’ll visit this place often…
I will still remember our memories…
I will still remember to visit u everytime…
This coming Ramadhan, I’ll pray for your peace.
May you rest in peace,




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